Why are raspberry ketones so popular


There is no question that raspberry ketone supplements are very popular nowadays. As they are one of the latest dietary supplements that will help you burn fat, thousands of bottles are sold every day both on the Internet and in health shops. Why is there so much demand for appetite suppressant and weight loss supplements?

At the start of the twenty first century there is a rising epidemic of obesity, diabetes and heart diseases all over the planet. This is going to cost more and more money to our economies. As people live older and older, there will be more and more old people suffering from one of these diseases, each one adding to the collective bill. But if we forget the collective aspect, overweight people each suffer individually. Psychologically as it does not help self esteem to have a wide waist. And physically because of all the pending illnesses to come.

Just take the example of diabetes. There are millions of people with it and also millions more who do not even know they have it. But a few generation ago it was not that common to have type-2 diabetes. This growing epidemic is due to our changing eating habits and the way the food industry reacts to it: by putting more and more sugar in the food they sell. And they know it works: the more glucose in a product, the faster it goes. Buy the shares of these food companies, as they are certain to continue doing well in the future.

So what does it have to do with raspberry ketone supplements?

The problem is people like to eat a lot of unhealthy food, but then they also like to be slim. So once they are overweight they look for every possible way to lose weight. Normally the answer to the question of how to lose some weight has known been since a long time ago.

Simply, exercise, eat less, and eat more healthy. This is a simple maths equation. Your weight equals what you eat minus what you burn. So the less you eat, the slimmer you will get. Or eating more healthy works too, because it is not just the food you eat, but also their components such as sugars and unsaturated fats that are bad for you. Then on the minus side of the equation, the harder you exercise, the more fat you burn. This is a law of physics as movement cannot be created by itself, it needs burnt energy to exist.

So if it is so simple, how come there are still so many people with a weight problem? Because they do not like to (1) eat better, (2) exercise more. And this is where the raspberry ketones finally get mentioned in this article. As they do not like (1) and or (2), they look for pills that will help them trim weight without effort. These ketones have been said to have an effect on weight loss, and this is why a large crowd is purchasing them and absorbing them every day.

Given the amplitude of the obesity epidemic mentioned, this trend is not going to end soon.