How to improve your life expectancy


This will come as no surprise, but there is a strong correlation between fitness and life expectancy. In other words the fitter you are, the longer your life expectancy. The reason is that a fit body is better armed to fight all health issues the body will encounter during its lifetime.

Extra fat in itself has been proved beyond a doubt by many scientific studies to be a negative health factor. Cancer is more likely to develop where there is excess fat. Fat is correlated to type-2 diabetes.

Overweight people prematurely exhaust their joints and their heart. The list is long of reasons why being overweight or obese will imply a shorter life for yourself. Nevertheless there are millions of overweight people and the associated health cost keeps on rising.

As a matter of fact some scientists believe that excess sugar in one of the lading factors for a large array of modern diseases. Simple changes in people’s habits and lifestyle could reduce such risk factors. You can read a lot about this question is some recent studies, check the 7 steps to health review to get a better understanding of this crucial issue.

Some people say you can use natural supplements in order to lose some pounds. Yes sure it may or may not work, but it should not be the first step. The first thing to do is to eat healthy. Study nutrition facts and make sure you eat a lot of the good stuff like fruit, vegetable, nuts, beans, fish; and less of the not so good stuff like pizzas, hamburgers, sweets, deserts, and do not drink too much alcohol.

Yes the first step for a longer life expectancy is to understand which food is good for you, and which food is not, so that you change your decision making process when you buy food items. A lot of recent research shows how some food is good for you, and some is bad.

The second step is to exercise regularly. This has many benefits. One of them is that you will age slower if you practise a regular exercise routine. Have you seen some of these people in their 60’s or 70’s who can barely walk, with a crouched back and a slow motion. Most often than not they did not and do not exercise.

But then there are yoga instructors in their 80’s who are fitter than most people in their 30’s. So clearly it is a matter of choice, if you keep on exercising regularly your muscles will not shrink as much, your joints will not get as inflexible, and overall you will feel better with your body.

The third step is to use supplements to absorb what ingredients can help you ever more. One supplement that is guarantee to help anyone no matter what is fish oil. This is the most recommended supplementation product on the market for good reasons.

This product and in particular the omega-3 it contains is probably the most potent supplement found on this earth. There are hundreds of studies showing its positive effect on health, such as improved cardo-vascular functions, less chances of cancer, better skin or better brain abilities.