How to improve your life expectancy


This will come as no surprise, but there is a strong correlation between fitness and life expectancy. In other words the fitter you are, the longer your life expectancy. The reason is that a fit body is better armed to fight all health issues the body will encounter during its lifetime.

Extra fat in itself has been proved beyond a doubt by many scientific studies to be a negative health factor. Cancer is more likely to develop where there is excess fat. Fat is correlated to type-2 diabetes.

Overweight people prematurely exhaust their joints and their heart. The list is long of reasons why being overweight or obese will imply a shorter life for yourself. Nevertheless there are millions of overweight people and the associated health cost keeps on rising.

As a matter of fact some scientists believe that excess sugar in one of the lading factors for a large array of modern diseases. Simple changes in people’s habits and lifestyle could reduce such risk factors. You can read a lot about this question is some recent studies, check the 7 steps to health review to get a better understanding of this crucial issue.

Some people say you can use natural supplements in order to lose some pounds. Yes sure it may or may not work, but it should not be the first step. The first thing to do is to eat healthy. Study nutrition facts and make sure you eat a lot of the good stuff like fruit, vegetable, nuts, beans, fish; and less of the not so good stuff like pizzas, hamburgers, sweets, deserts, and do not drink too much alcohol.

Yes the first step for a longer life expectancy is to understand which food is good for you, and which food is not, so that you change your decision making process when you buy food items. A lot of recent research shows how some food is good for you, and some is bad.

The second step is to exercise regularly. This has many benefits. One of them is that you will age slower if you practise a regular exercise routine. Have you seen some of these people in their 60’s or 70’s who can barely walk, with a crouched back and a slow motion. Most often than not they did not and do not exercise.

But then there are yoga instructors in their 80’s who are fitter than most people in their 30’s. So clearly it is a matter of choice, if you keep on exercising regularly your muscles will not shrink as much, your joints will not get as inflexible, and overall you will feel better with your body.

The third step is to use supplements to absorb what ingredients can help you ever more. One supplement that is guarantee to help anyone no matter what is fish oil. This is the most recommended supplementation product on the market for good reasons.

This product and in particular the omega-3 it contains is probably the most potent supplement found on this earth. There are hundreds of studies showing its positive effect on health, such as improved cardo-vascular functions, less chances of cancer, better skin or better brain abilities.

Good Healthy Resolutions

Now that the festivities are over, it is time to take good resolutions regarding your health for 2017 and beyond. So here we herald a few tips that will help you get on the right track.

High blood pressure is a predicament for many people and usually exercising will help lower your heart rate. Think about it, marathon runners have a heart beat at 50 per second if not less. This is because they do regular isometric exercises.

Sleep is fundamental for your health as adults who sleep too much or not enough generate a lack of equilibrium in their metabolism. For adults the recommended number of daily sleeping hours is around 8, plus or minus 90 minutes. If you have problems falling asleep at night, listen to pink noise like rain, it will lead to more relaxing dreams.

Did you know that your thyroid is the main organ responsible for burning fat and losing weight? Henceforth it is crucial to make sure it has all the power from potent nutrients so that if delivers its maximum power. Two minerals it needs to be nourished of are iodine, found in yoghurt and selenium abundant in Brazil nuts.

With respect to your liver, drinking coffee in the morning, but avoid the decaffeinated version which lucks potency. Coffee is know to boost your heart and your brain, but a recent study showed that it is also an ally of your liver as it may prevent non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

How about your joints? Broccoli is already famous for its numerous health benefits, but it can also support your joints thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, in particular from one of its components called sulforaphane. But favor the fresh vegetable as the frozen version has lost some of its power in the freezing process.

Your bones and your skeleton are the infrastructure of your body and as such you must pay attention to them and maintain their strength as you age. That is why some regular exercising will improve their robustness, even running or just brisk walking twice a week.

If you want to keep a great sight of the world around you with a sharp vision, make sure to wear UV-blocking glasses. Because ultraviolet rays not only reach your skin but also your eyes (in fact your eyes are part of your skin). UV lead to cataract which in turn lead to blindness, so block them as much as you can.

Did you know that using sun cream on a daily basis, even in the winter, will lead to a nicer skin with less wrinkles. This is what a recent study demonstrated and you should follow their advice if you want to look younger longer.

Diabetes Basics

Over 246 million people in the world today have diabetes. It is the fourth leading cause of death in developed countries. 3.2 million people die of diabetes-related causes every year.

So what is diabetes, exactly? First we have to understand the roles of glucose and insulin in our bodies. Glucose (sugar) in the foods we eat needs to be distributed to all the cells of our body to be used as energy. Insulin is a hormone that regulates glucose by taking it out of our bloodstream and sending it to our muscles, liver, and fat cells, to store for energy.

• Type 1 Diabetes, usually diagnosed in childhood, means that the body makes too little insulin. At present there is no known cure or method of preventing its occurrence.
• Type 2 Diabetes may be diagnosed at any time in a person’s life. It means that the body cannot properly use the insulin it makes. With proper care and attention, (eating healthy, maintaining a healthy weight, and getting enough exercise) type 2 can be avoided.

There are serious consequences to ignoring diabetes and allowing it to go untreated, but luckily there are several stages of the disease so a person with an average degree of health consciousness should be able to detect a problem and seek medical attention early on.

• Almost all cases of type 2 diabetes have pre-diabetes first. Pre-diabetes, when the blood sugar is beginning to get too high, is often signaled by excessive thirst and frequent urination. Other early warning symptoms include extreme hunger or fatigue, blurry vision, slow healing of cuts or bruises, unexplained weight loss, and tingling in the hands or feet. Now is the time to see a doctor, because…
• If untreated, advanced diabetes may damage the heart, liver, kidneys, eyes and nerves. It can cause male impotence, heart attacks, strokes, loss of limbs, blindness, or even death.
• The good news is that type 2 diabetes can sometimes be managed with healthy diet and exercising, and in some cases, medication.

With type 2 diabetes, you will need to check your blood sugar frequently, to make sure your glucose does not spike too high or dip too low, either of which can lead to medical emergencies. Your doctor may prescribe one or more oral medications to help your body make efficient use of insulin and bring your glucose to a normal level.

In some cases, it may become necessary to take insulin. Insulin is usually taken by injection (often as many as three times per day) but in some cases where glucose is particularly unstable, patients may need a 24-hour insulin pump to regulate glucose levels. You may dread the idea of taking insulin, but don’t fear! Today’s needles are extremely thin and should cause only very minor discomfort. The insulin you would inject is almost identical to that which your body would make naturally, and can be a miraculous way for you to continue living a normal life.

Wake Up and Taste the Coffee

A lot of people love coffee for many different reasons. One reason is the taste and smell of the beverage. Another reason is that it wakes you up and gets you alert. For a long time, coffee has been a part of breakfast. The reason many places like Starbucks are so successful is because coffee is very popular.

A lot of people like the smell of coffee brewing in the morning. It has a very sweet and satisfying aroma that even those who do not drink coffee would find compelling. There are many different types of coffee. Not all kinds of coffee are hot. There are other types of coffee that are cold, like iced coffee.

Some of the types of coffee are American Roast, French Roast, Italian Roast, Viennese Roast and European Roast. There is also instant coffee and freeze-dried coffee. For the people who are afraid of or do not like caffeine there is decaffeinated coffee. While a lot of people love coffee, there are some people who do not drink coffee due to the caffeine. But that is what decaffeinated coffee is for.

Coffee is made from beans that are grinded and then brewed in a pot to drink. You can get coffee from almost any restaurant that is open in the morning for breakfast. Many service stations also sell these beverages. Perhaps what is better than buy coffee that is already prepared is preparing your own cup of coffee.

There are many brands of coffee that is sold in stores. Some of the most well known brands are Folgers and Nescafe. Other special brands of coffee are Coffee House Roasters and Boyds Coffee. There are a lot of coffee makers and coffee pots that you can use to prepare your own coffee.

A lot of them are for sale at very affordable prices. A lot of them prepare coffee for you at a very quick pace so that you can enjoy coffee instantly. You can also set an alarm for it to prepare you a pot for the morning when you wake up.

A lot of people love to drink coffee in order for it to help them with their day. They need to wake up for their workday. The beverage of coffee is very helpful in giving them the pick up that is needed for them to go on with their day. If you are in a hurry, you could stop and get coffee at any service station or a store. Coffee is the well-known, well-loved drink with many benefits.

Perfect Muscle Workout Routine For Your Back

To achieve a good and a healthy physique, it is very important to build the back muscles of the body. Back muscles provide the strength and power which is needed to perform any kind of exercise. Strong back muscles also help in building mass in the upper portion of the body which in turn produces a great and slim waistline. Following muscle workout routines is the only way to gain them.

Back muscles are of many types but the most important of them is the trapezius muscle (Traps) which is located at the back of the neck and stretches till the mid back portion of the human body. Another important back muscle is the teres major muscle, which is located over the shoulder blade.

A proper muscle workout routine is needed which will include various exercises of the back muscles. A good gym instructor can provide you with the proper kind of back muscle workout routine guidance which if followed properly can produce great results.

Some of the muscle mass workout routines for back muscles include “Lat exercise” which can be performed in the gym. Other exercises include lifting the legs in backward position with the stomach touching the ground. These exercises give the spinal cord a boost which in result provides a greater flexibility of the body.

Weight lifting is another way to achieve great back muscle but before performing this muscle workout routine you must consult the gym instructor as picking the wrong weight can cause permanent damage to the back muscles and other parts of your body.

A good torso muscle helps in building strong back muscle. The torso muscle is located near the abs, which plays a crucial role in achieving overall strength and stamina. The best workout routine for muscle of the back are dumbbell lifting and seat ups as these muscle workout routines keep the body in motion, thus providing more stress to be focused in on the muscles of the back.

Back muscle workouts are considered a vital part of the overall workout routine for muscle mass. Workout routine to gain muscle mass of the back include pull down, back extension of the spine and other stretching of the back muscles. Good back muscle building workout routine also includes alteration of these exercises within the period of a week or a month.

It is also important to perform these exercises at a fixed time every day and allow the body to rest between muscle workout routine sessions; so that the body and muscles can rebuild and recover properly to perform the next workout easily and in a proper manner.

It would also be better to train opposite muscle groups, such as your back and biceps, so one muscle group doesn’t become fatigued and affect your workout.

Yoga is of great help when it comes to building up proper back muscle. It is better to consult a Yoga expert, before you follow any muscle building workout routine. It’s a very good way to strengthen the back of the body and the best part is that no weight lifting is required here. It’s all about stretching and breathing and happens to be the most natural way.